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Vanconol® Amine OOH

Chemical Composition      20150322100003_60043

Oleic acid based hydroxyethyl imidazoline     

Cas No: 95-38-5 EINECS: 202-414-9

Typical Properties




Yellow   liquid





Solid content


Imidazoline   content(%)



Industrial lubricant  Rust-proof liquid  Metal working liquid  Metal pickling solution  Oil field chemicals

Recommended Applications

Bitumen (asphalt)

The bonding of asphalt to gravel, sand and soil aggregate may be considerably improved by using

Vanconol® amine OOH, either dissolved in the asphalt at 0.1 – 0.25% or sprayed on the aggregate as a pre-coat.

This treatment is particularly effective where it is necessary to lay asphalt on a wet aggregate, in asphalt emulsions Vanconol® amine OOH is recommended for high quality asphalt surfacing which may be exposed to heavy rain, flooding, or heavy duty as on highways and airfield runways.

Rubber Processing

Amines have found several applications in rubber processing for which the Vanconol® amine OOH and  their salts may be suited. Derivatives have been made for use as retarders for fast curing butyl rubbers to reduce scorching, as curing accelerators in other rubbers, in acid emulsion polymerization, and as softening and plasticizing agents.

Antistatic Agents

The neutralized salt or quaternized product of Vanconol® amine OOH are widely used as antistatic agent.

These imidazoline derivatives will form a layer of continuous conducting film on the surface of fiber and

plastic which timely derives static fricative in the producing process of fiber or plastic. 


Vanconol® amine OOH is suggested for use in removing traces of silica from gypsum intended for use in glass ceramics, and for removing silica from low grade iron ores. The hydrochloride ofVanconol® amine OOH has been successfully for separating silica and iron oxide from barite.


The bonding properties of many paints, enamels, lacquers and other organic coatings have been improved through the use of Vanconol® amine OOHThis cationic compound renders hydrophilic moist surfaces more receptive to the coating.

The adhesion and water resistance of sealers for cement and concrete floors may be improved by the

addition of 0.25 to 0.5% of Vanconol® amine OOH to the asphalt base.


 25L/220L drum.

Shelf Life

24 months in the original container


This product should be sealed and placed in a dry, cool, well-ventilated place at room temperature away from fire source. For any other information, please refer to MSDS.

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